How Understanding Soccer Can improve Your Finances



You are wanted 🙂

I’ve been doing some calculations… and I’m shocked.



and generally speechless

I’ve been calculating compound interest.

If you invested R1,000 per month for 120 months (10 years), you’d earn HUGE interest. Without interest you’d get your straight R120,000 back in your hand. But with compound interest, you get R190,315. This means you’d earn R70,315 just by leaving your money with the bank!


If you put it in a fixed deposit type of investment, earning better rates…. you’ll need to private message me to get those figures… cos you won’t believe me 🙂

Do you want to invest R1,000 per month? I’ll even show you how to earn that R1,000 per month to start off with!

Originally posted 2017-09-21 12:37:53.