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Yellow Card

Yellow Card

You Need to Save

If you don’t give education to people, it is easy to manipulate themPele

Yellow Card


You need to save, and we need to start by teaching our kids to save. If we don’t, we’re guilty of a Yellow Card.

While regular piggy banks have been around for a while, Money Savvy Generation has designed a new variation with 4 chambers, 1 each for Save, Spend, Donate and Invest (and each chamber empties through a different foot).

Money Savvy Pig


Step 1 – shop around

Prices vary from one shop to the next, and if you’ve got the time, it makes sense to shop around. Also, one shop might be cheaper with frozen items, but more expensive on bathroom items. Buying in bulk also usually works out cheaper, so check out Makro and Usave for bulk buying.

Step 2 –loyalty cards and discount vouchers

Many shops have loyalty cards which will have some sort of cash-back benefit. You’ve probably heard of (perhaps you even have) some of the following: Pick ‘n Pay Smart Shopper, Clicks ClubCard, Woolworths WRewards, Dis-Chem, eBucks, Edgars Thank U, Spur Family Card, Discovery Vitality, Exclusive Books Fanat1cs, CUM Books, Boost Juice VIBE club, Crabtree & Evelyn, GardenShop Garden Rewards, Plantyard Nursery to name but a few (apparently there are over 70 in operation in South Africa).

You can also use the MySchool card as a way to donate to charity.


Step3 –factory shops

There are many manufacturing companies around South Africa. Many of these have a shop on their premises where they’ll sell goods that have been manufactured on site. This is for bathroom and cleaning products as well as clothing and imports. Just Google “factory shops” and you area to find what is available close to you. I’m on the East Rand so I know there’s a lot in Isando and Sebenza. One of my favourites is Blue Gill Imports


Formal savings

We’ve all heard it before, probably from our grandmothers… we know we need to save, but we promise ourselves that we’ll start once we earn more money. Do I really need to spell it out that if we don’t discipline ourselves by means of creating a debit order for saving, that this will bite us at a later date? Don’t delay, get started now – for as little as R249 per month –this product is an Accidental Death Cover.

People must save” Khunjuzwa Ndesi


Originally posted 2016-10-11 12:42:39.